Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camp Doglando S3: Day 8

Hi Honorary Campers,

Today we headed to OFD1 in Downtown Orlando.  Both the dogs and the kids behaved while in the firehouse.

After the firehouse we walked through downtown and had lunch at Jimmy Johns.

Urban Wetlands were next: we were there for a short amount of time as the sun was reaching its peak.

Upon our return back to Doglando we went through the AKC CGC Certification process and tested a few of the dogs to see if they would pass and be Canine Good Citizens.

It was rest time for the dogs as the kid, with the help of Doglandos Fixologist, John, started building their canine enrichment contraptions.

Your Camp Counselors,
Teena, Summer, Casey and Jessica

Camp Doglando S3: Day 7

Hi Honorary Campers,

We started off the morning with a loose leash walk on Colonial.  We moved all of our stuff back to the first barn and we started working more on the crate exercises.

We had the great honor for the commissioner to stop by and visit our Camp.  We learned a lot about the law making processes and where we can find ordinances pertaining to dogs locally.

We made an impromptu trip to Sandhill Trails where we walked to the Econ river and let the dogs cool off in it.
Your Camp counselors,
Teena, Summer, Jessica and Casey

Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp Doglando S3: Day 6

Hi Honorary Campers,

After a nice and relaxing weekend we are coming back with fresh minds into Week 2 of Session 3.  All the dogs went home with the kids this weekend and according to the stories they all had a blast.  Thank you parents.

After chores, the weekend update we did a bit of training in the front yard.  It was 9:30AM and we were ready to head on our half a mile journey to the Orange County Library.  Kids enjoyed doing the scavenger hunt, video interviews and learning about what a great resource the library actually is.

Upon our return we did some creative thinkaling and wrote poems about our dogs.

Sue Sternberg, who was finishing up her 3 day seminar here at Doglando, wanted to have the kids and the dogs for a demo.

Your Camp Counselors,
Teena, Jessica, Summer and Casey

Friday, July 26, 2013

Camp Doglando S3: Day 4

Hi Honorary Campers,

Today was a beautiful morning for a walk. The kids went out on Colonial and worked on proper leash walking.

It was time to pack up and head over to our friends at Canine Companions for Independence in order to see what kind of jobs dogs can have.

Upon our return to Doglando, in favor of the passing bad weather, we jumped into the pool.  This was the first time many of the dogs ever encountered water and they did fantastic.

Your Camp Counselors,
Teena, Summer, Jessica and Casey

Camp Doglando S3: Day 3

Hi Honorary Campers,

We started the day of with baths, nails and ears.  Kids learned the basic hygienic practices.

After the baths the kids learned more about body language and introduction of verbal markers.

Our guest speaker, Mary-Lynn, talked to the kids about responsible breeding and why we need to focus on substance and beauty, not beauty over substance.
After all of this the dogs were exhausted so we went to have lunch in Waterford by ourselves.  Kids need the break to start of the afternoon training sessions fresh.

Since the second partition of the barn has recently gotten AC we decided to move the camp from one barn into another.

Your Camp Counselors,
Teena, Summer, Jessica and Casey