Friday, January 30, 2009

Pawduct of the Week: PetroTech Odor Eliminator

Every Friday we will talk about one of Bark Ave's specialty dog products. Items will include food, accessories, treats, toys etc... That item will then be significantly discounted for anyone who wishes to purchase it that week. It will be the best deal on the web!

Today's Pawduct of the week: The PetroTech Odor Eliminator
Price: Retail $9.38
Our Price: $7.00 (Sale Price only available This Week!)
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The PetroTech Odor Eliminator here

Petrotech Odor Eliminator is one of the best pet odor eliminators we've ever come across. It's powerful, effective, and will eliminate all smells derived from your doggie's accident. So how does it work?

First, you will need to come in contact with the odor source in order to clean and get rid of the odors or stains. You do not need to soak or saturate the area. You only need to make sure that Petrotech comes in contact with the odor source.

Our rule of thumb is to use less than more -- remember, you do NOT need to soak or saturate the area. Use your nose and eyes -- if you still can find the odor source or stain, then you missed the source and re-spray.

Petro Tech Odor Eliminator is non-toxic, nonflammable, and safe around all pets!

Have you used this pawduct before? We would love to here about your experience with it in the comments section!


megha said...

I just want to get over the whole stuff.

odor eliminator

Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

I have this product, but didn't realize you have it at Bark Avenue! I will definitely keep purchasing it (from you, from now on, of course), because, YES, it IS a GREAT product!! Denise
It's normal that every now and then we have "accidents" at the house...

doglando said...

Thanks Denise

doglando said...

I completely understand. Potty training can be a very frustrating period of puppy hood.

Be consistent, use the same door ALWAYS, teach the dogs to ring a bell at the door (very simple to do so, buy some cow bells, hang them off door knob and put some peanut butter on the outside. Each time you take your dog out, get them to lick the peanut butter, BUT only to sound the bell before going out).

Hope some of these pointers make it easier on you, and if you need more detailed instructions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is AMAZING! We use it on our bunny cage at home, you know those pre-fab ones that have the metal pans that never seem to hold enough so you end up taking those pans out and putting in bigger drop pans in the bottom, only to be stuck with the wood absorbing all the urine and smelling up the whole place..yea those ones! We usually use it once a month, we take our bunny out dose the cage, and it is completely smell free!!!