Thursday, February 19, 2009

Training Tip Thursday: Teaching your dog to sit and wait in their crate

Teaching your dog to sit and wait patiently before letting them out of the crate is one of the most important lessons we can teach our dogs from the very beginning.  Here are three benefits of teaching your dog this trick:

1.  It's obviously very exciting to be let out..... get a control over this dog while they are in a small place because you will not be able to calm them down once out and running around the house.

2Teach your dog you are in control, by making them wait patiently for a signal.

3.  Clearly you have caught them at a time that they are most likely to pay attention to you.... after all, you are the one that has access to the lock.... make them earn it.

This trick is very simple to teach.  As you go through the videos, watch all the other dogs trying to get in on the game as well.  Who says getting crated has to be a negative experience?

Teaching the trick:

1. Upon arrival, approach your dog's crate in a very calm manner.

2.  Unlock the locking mechanisms but put pressure on the door holding it closed.

3.  Either wait for your dog to finish dancing, howling, barking and causing a scene, and just wait patiently until they offer you a sit or a down.

4.  Praise them (with a simple "good") and open the door.  BE SURE, to close the door shut if you see any movement or initiation of getting up.

5.  Wait for the sit or down again, and repeat until you are able to get the door open and the dog waiting for at least a three to four seconds.

6.  Release your dog by saying "OK" and bending down, then praise lavishly.

There you have it, a dog waiting politely to be let out!

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