Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deaf/Blind Houla Needs A Home

Our Friends at Fleet Peeples Park sent us an email recently regarding the unfortunate passing of a loving citizen and animal rescuer. The notification made us aware of Sam, a blind and deaf Catahoula that is now looking for a new home. The email and the necessary contact information and a picture of Sam can be found below.

Contact: Abby at ablum1@cfl.rr.com (cfl.rr.com)

I don't know how many of u actually knew or heard of Lee Harr. She was a wonderful woman and someone i was proud to call my friend. She was around for about 70 years and worked day and night to help injured and abandoned wildlife which she rehabbed and set free. she was constantly being harassed by the city and was in a fight with them that kept her up nights - not that she got much sleep feeding babies all hours of the night.

Lee also did her share of dog/cat rescue. She was currently treating a 10 year old py for heart-worm and abuse. She had 4 to 5 other dogs and cats as well. Lee also did all of her work from her own pocket. I am deeply saddened that Lee passed away this morning. Immediately, there were people willing to help and take all kinds of wildlife and most of the domestics that were hers. I'm hoping that someone can open their heart and find room for a wonderful dog named Sam he looks to be a pure bred Catahoula. He was named Sam because he was found wandering on a dirt road in Christmas, FL on the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, he was born blind and deaf. He does, however, get along fine. He gets along with dogs, cats and doesn't mess with birds. He plays and loves people. He is otherwise a really healthy boy. He is neutered and been on h/w preventive. So, please if there is anyone out there that can help Sam let me know.

*Contact: Abby@ablum1@cfl.rr.com | Abby@ablum1@cfl.rr.com*

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michelle said...

Never heard of her but judging from your description, she has done some noble tasks.

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