Monday, April 27, 2009

Here we go again.... nonsense regarding Pit Bulls

Read this article on Pit Bulls: What we think: Stop Shielding Pit Bulls

I know many of you will be just as angry, disappointed, and upset as I was after reading the ignorance and lack of knowledge the public (mainly MEDIA) has in reference to the Bully Breeds; pits especially.

I do not understand how breed specific legislation and bans:

1. Prohibit people from raising these dogs in such an irresponsible manner

2. Consequence the owners for their actions

3. Hold owners responsible and accountable for their actions

4. Stop people from creating (by breeding) other dogs to replace pit bulls

Pit bulls are not the only dogs that bite... how about Chihuahuas? We don't know because we don't hear about these dogs... I would bet if diligent records were kept on dog bites, Chihuahuas would be pretty high on that list if not on the top.... no offense to Chihuahua owners!

Speak up responsible dog owners!

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