Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the arms of an angel

On behalf of Joy..... Team Doglando's newest rescue, is now officially ready for a forever home. These videos are brought to you on behalf of Joy... hoping every dog has a fair opportunity at a second chance in life. Thanks to Foster parents Astrid and Omar, Joy has made a marvelous recovery from a distant, shattered, non-trusting, broken, apart spirit to a dog who now follows her foster family COMPLETELY off leash, in complete trust, with love, joy and devotion. Her marvelous recovery...although still work in progress has allowed her the freedom every dog deserves.

From cowering under the oak trees at Doglando, Joy now runs with the pack; splashing through rain puddles and digging in the beach sand... to join them during nap time... which she never did before.

Contact us at or 407-574-3160 to meet Joy!


1 comment:

Nimesh P said...

Awesome work Astrid and Omar. Joy looked very comfortable the other day when I saw her. You guys did an amazing job with her. It's great to see the Doglando family working for a good cause. Great job you guys.