Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pre K9..... Doglando's new puppy training classes

AA in Dogolgy Plus Pre K9:

Based on our experiences as trainers, we have realized a void in services offered to ensure the healthy development of puppy souls and here is our solution to it: Doglando's Puppy Kindergarten.

Too frequently we see dogs that have matured into either fearful, aggressive, arrogant & pushy, overly submissive, anxious, or nervous dogs because of the lack of positive experiences, proper stimulation, exposure, and consistency through training, enrichment and socialization as a puppy.

We are here to bring out the best in your puppy; to enable him to learn, grow and mature into a stable, confident, mindful and successful young dog upon graduating the Puppy Kindergarten at University of Doglando.

What is Puppy Kindergarten?

- Puppy Kindergarten is a structured learning and development program for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 14 weeks old. As part of the 6 week AA in Dogology obedience course, the Pre K9 incorporates real life applications, such as teaching a dog to have their nails clipped, stand on a grooming table, how to ride in a car, sitting politely while you are talking to your neighbors, improving basic manners such as sit, stay, down, recall, leave it, taking things nicely, drop it and settle. We will also be working on simple behaviors such as walking on a leash, responding to doorbells/knocks, and not being pushy/greed y while humans are eating.

Our AA in Doglogy with the Pre K9 option is a 6 week course meets one hour once a week with the entire family for training. In addition, puppies enrolled in this course, will attend doggy daycare on Saturdays for the duration of the 6 week course, allowing us to working with them on enrichment and life skills as listed below.

What does Puppy Kindergarten entail?

Through our unique program:

- Your puppy will be given a consistent opportunity to go potty outside, making potty training a breeze to achieve.
- Your puppy will learn to be handled by humans, setting them up for successful vet visits, greeting people, exposure and socialization towards all kinds of people (men, women, children, elderly, people in uniform, etc).
- Your puppy will be exposed to all kinds of sounds at our facility and neighboring residential communities. For example the noises from delivery & garbage trucks. Part of your puppy’s sound stimulus experiences will include visiting the local hardware stores and exposing them to the fork lifts, banging and stocking of heavy material, both wood and metal
- Your puppy will learn proper traveling habits through field trips to Waterford Lakes, local stores, and back.

- Your puppy will learn to walk on different substrates such as tile, wood, carpet, gravel, and grass. In addition puppies will be exposed to different textures and sense through other forms of tactile conditioning.
- Your puppy will learn to have his/her nails clipped WIHTOUT a fuss.
- Your puppy will learn to develop respectful boundaries with people and dogs.
- Your puppy will learn to stand on a grooming table, exposing them to the grooming experience, such as being brushed, nail clipping, and teeth/ear cleaning exercise.
- Your puppy will learn how to successfully adapt to living in a house. This means responding correctly to strangers at the door, lawn mowers, delivery trucks and vacuums! Also your puppy will understand how not to be greedy or pushy while you are eating dinner


$220 (including 5 Saturday day cares)


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