Friday, June 5, 2009

Cool Treats and Kool Dogz

Looking for some summer fun for your four legged companions? Check out these two summer freeze treats for your dogs:

Kool Dogz

This is way cool.... we have one in the makes at Doglando.... we have shoved it with all sorts of all natural dog treats, chews, and doggy prizes for our daycare dogs. You can do the same for your dogs. It comes with a stake on which you would set the ice block and let the dogs go to town!

Cool Treats

A fun summer ice cream snack for your pooches. This all natural doggy ice cream can be fed as a jelly (that looks kind of like apple sauce) or for an extra special and delicious snack you could freeze it.

Both products are available at Doglando and our online store.

Dog Responsibly........University of Doglando

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