Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ECO DOG Tuesdays...... Detox your dog... really?

Detox for dogs.

I can not even imagine working at a vet, or if I were a vet, how many cases of dogs suffering from allergies I would see a day.... I am sure 90% of the daily visits, especially this time of the year.

This has always been a subject that draws my attention, because as all of you know... I preach premium diets ( like Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wile, Precise, Innova, Evo, Natural Balance), and proper physical and mental stimulation for optimal health in dogs. Yet I see dogs suffering from all sorts of skin allergies that we are told are related to the environment..... despite the holistic, natural diets.

Most of you have heard about detox systems for humans... many of you are diligent about detoxing yourselves maybe once a year or twice a year.... what about detox for dogs?

I am a strong believer in this. Most health problems, illnesses an diseases are caused by an accumulation of toxins that we and our pets are not able to eliminate. Most of these illnesses seem to be as a result of feeding commercial grade foods, over vaccinating and ultimately a breakdown of the immune system. In addition to this, my personal belief is that not raising a dog in the real world environment from birth has a lot to do with this as well. From being removed from the mother too early to living in cube lit boxes until purchased.... I am sure is not conducive in developing a strong, healthy immune system.

As in my case, if you feed your dogs a high premium food that is agreeable with them, and you provide sufficient exercise in a consistent manner/routine, dogs suffering from allergies in this case strongly benefit from a detox.

It is important to recognize that toxins come from many things aside from commercial grade foods (chemicals, preservatives, additives), vaccinations, drugs, antibiotics fertilizers, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, even tap water etc...... and all this ultimately is ingested by the dog; even if in very small amounts as they lick their paws, or any other part of their body.

Here is a myth: For those of you who take your dogs to doggy daycare, do you look for facilities that have the trendy, fake, "artificial turf?" Have you ever lifted the turf to find what is under there.... after all its not as clean as it may sound. Allowing your dogs to do their numbers on real grass helps breakdown the fecal matter and urine to where it is not left to breed bacteria.

But its always a good idea, to wipe your dogs feet before allowing them back indoors. We use the Canus Dog Wipes on our dogs at home (available at DDoglando).

As these toxins accumulate and build up in our system, we see the effects of it when there is: diarrhea, vomiting, chronic skin allergies, hot spots, irritations, ear infections, bacteria infections in between the paws, "rash", constipation, urinary tract infections and almost anything else. Sometimes one round of antibiotics may just treat your pet, however more often than not, the build up and accumulation of it all makes the illness chronic because the wastes are not eliminate.

The health challenges can improve and often disappear once your pet's body is rid of poisons. It becomes easy for their system to digest, absorb and assimilate the nutrients in their food, which otherwise are just a waste.

There are so many different types of detox systems that you can use safely on your dogs. I will list a few below, but I strongly recommend you consult with a holistic veterinarian to be sure your are doing it safely and effectively.

The Natural Liquid Zeolite: removes heavy metal, pesticides, herbicides and other chemical poisons.

Red Desert TM Clay for Pets: flushes our organs and tissues through by eliminating waste through colon. Provides macro, micro and trace mineral elements necessary to digestion, metabolism, bone and joint strengthening.

Dr. Harvey's Multivitamin, Mineral & Herbal Supplement: This formula contains herbs such as dandelion, burdock, red clover, milk thistle, garlic, flax; "greens" such as kelp and spirulina; as well as various vitamins and minerals. Great for detoxification and immune-system strengthening.

Detox Plus: Promotes system detoxification to eliminate harmful wastes and toxins.

If you have every used any detox systems on your pet(s), please email us with your success stories. We would love to share this with our readers.

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