Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I may be old, but my sole is gold....

Dear U of D Family and Friends,

Good morning!

I found this dog on Memorial Day, wandering in the rain behind the local elementary school where I feed cats. She is very sweet and very well-behaved and appears to be a senior, although her teeth look pretty good. She walks with a pronounced limp - I think she has arthritis and I've been giving her one aspirin twice a day and it seems to help quite a bit. I put flyers up everywhere, contacted animal control and the local vet to see if she had been reported missing, put her on Petfinders and walked her through downtown Geneva (such as it is!) to ask around and see if anyone would recognize her. No luck so far and I'm really beginning to think some jerk brought her out here and dumped her at the school in the rain. My problem is I have nowhere to keep this sweet dog. She's been staying in the utility room during the day (air-conditioned) and the garage at night and I know she's lonesome out there, but I have 20 cats and a litter of foster kittens and I just can't let her in the house like I would like to. As it is the cats are freaking out and peeing everywhere and a couple of the outside cats won't come near the house to eat. I know you guys have all either done or still do dog rescue - do you have any contacts, suggestions, fosters, etc. to help this dog? I can make a donation, I can give sweat equity, whatever, I just really, really need a place for her to stay and be cared for properly. My number is 407-719-4479 - thank you in advance!

Lisa Reddy


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