Friday, June 19, 2009

Pawduct of the week

Bike attachment for dogs:
I have seen so many bike attachments, including ones "invented" by pet owners.... this is by far the coolest, safest and easiest bike attachment for dogs ever.

Its so easy that regardless of how much your dog pulls or out of control your dog is..... you can almost just throw a harness on him/her, attach a leash and attach him/her to the attachment and ride on! The beauty of this tool is its spring mechanism that allows for dogs to jerk and yank against the bike, but without throwing you off the bike.

Both my GSD's are very good on leash so I did not anticipate that to be an issue for us, however, Wyatt has an incredibly strong prey drive. I was concerned about how I would handle him lunging for a bush if he saw even a lizard run across.

So on our first day, I thought I would be extra cautious and use a sensation harness on him, with the wacky walkr stubbr leash (both available at Doglando) to prevent me from flying off the bike if he were to pull against me. I surely was not prepared for an armadillo (at least I did not think so) but I was pretty confident I could handle a lizard.

We take off for a quick spin in Avalon Park. Things were GREAT! He took right to it, I did not even feel him running by me as he extended the leash to smell the bushes. We were just feet from home, and an armadillo comes running out, of course Wyatt goes after it and my life goes before my eyes..... and the bike gradully comes to a stop. I could not even believe it.

The biggest difference between this mechanism and the others is the spring that absorbs and reduces 90% of all your dog's unexpected force.

So now I use it even when I board dogs, on those dogs that are not used to the bike attachment or running beside a bike.

You can buy it from Doglando for $59.00

Dog Responsibly.... University of Doglando

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Nimesh P said...

This product is really nice, Teena uses it a couple times a week with our shepherds and they love it. It is very safe for both the dog and the rider.