Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Doggy News

Palm Beach County Passes New "DANGEROUS DOG" rule.

Pet owners be aware..... this is what our Nation is progressing towards. Instead of holding individuals accountable for their irresponsible actions, lack of understanding of the type of animal they have or required obedience training for all dogs etc....it seems to be easier to implement laws and ordinances against the animals in an attempt to attain responsible pet ownership practices.

I find it quite frustrating when I hear of rules like this for many reasons, but most importantly because we have no respect for the "animal" or understanding of that "animal." Dogs will ALWAYS have the potential to bite.... they are dogs, they are animals... and no matter what that is always a risk of having them as pets.

I think it is imperative we fasten up on our laws regarding the people/individual involved and not necessarily the animal. It would make better sense to me to restrict individuals from dog ownership, than banning breeds and have such rules. It would also make better sense to me to create rules that require pet owners to exercises their dogs, have every dog complete a basic obedience class (regardless of how many dogs a family may have or has owned previously), follow a set or rules under which it is harder to be a pet owner, than to ultimately act revengeful on the animal.

Here is how I see this.... not too long ago; you may have heard about an incident at Sea world. One of their whales so called "attacked" their trainer.... with out giving you any information on this story, what business do we have using these animals for entertainment, and second if we are going to do so, why is it that we should be able to without any risk? Ultimately, why should the animal be punished for human intrusion and involvement with true understanding.

Okay here is my second example: Also not too long ago, you may have heard or read on our blog about the Police K9 that bit his handler..... again, without any more information on this, do you really think, the dog just turned onto his handler? I did not. The real truth was, the dog got hit by a car, and broke his leg and hip, and was in so much pain.

Through education, and requiring pet owners to take obedience classes and instruction on "how to be responsible pet owners" I think we can drastically reduce the number of "dangerous dogs" around. Dangerous dogs are created by people.... even in the most unintentional manner. An example of this would be pet owners who raise their dogs like children, and dogs who don't learn to respect humans, respect handling, respect boundaries, dogs that lack exercise, dogs that don't understand limitations, dogs that can not walk properly on a leash, dogs that do not display socially appropriate behaviors and on and on. All these dogs are at risk of being "dangerous dogs" by no fault of theirs.... just lack of guidance and improper training.

It is sad to hear of these rules, and if you live in an area that has not yet been effected by such rules.... it's not going to be much longer. Things like this catch on fire rapidly amongst Counties and States.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this, in the mean time Doglando Family and Friends, and visitors.... Dog Responsibly.

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