Monday, July 20, 2009

ECO DOG Tuesdays....... Goats milk wipes

My dogs and I have been outside a lot this summer. Whether their days are happily spent at Doglando or home supervising my gardening, the humidity very quickly causes moisture to build up under Wyatt and Dax's thick coats locking up the smell. Even Tag, our lizard hunter Dachshund, who mind you, gets his stink from many other things, has also found many joys of being outdoors this summer.... thanks to the wipes and not having to bathe him as frequently.

Before entering the house, we use the Canus Goats Milk Wipes to keep them clean, smelling fresh, and most importantly to wipe off all the bacteria, toxins and dirt that may be on them.

The thick, spongy towel wipes are pre-moistened with fresh goat’s milk and conditioners. Soft and soothing, they make it easy to clean mucky bellies, chests, legs and haunches. They’re also gentle enough to use on hot spots, cracked pads or anywhere your dog needs a little skin rescue. 70 wipes per resealable foil pack lasts a whole month of “How did you get so dirty?”

Try these wipes on dogs suffering from environmental allergies as well... you will be surprised to see how much less they tend to lick, scratch and itch themselves after being outdoors.

Natuers Goat Milk Wipes are available at Doglando for $12.99

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