Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eco Dog.... Tuesdays

How to pack a pet first aid kit:

1. Water proof bag with zipper or plastic box (lunch boxes will do too)
2. A card with your vets contact information and a 24 hr vet hospital phone number
3. Gauze
4. Cotton balls
5. Cotton tipped applicators
6. Low tack adhesive bandage tape
7. Ace bandages
8. Scissors
9. Tweezers
10. Hydrogen peroxide
11. Antibacterial ointment
12. Aloe vera gel
13. Cornstarch (to stop bleeding)
14. Latex gloves
15. Rectal thermometer
16. Towels
17. Blanket
18. Hydrocortisone cream
19. Benadryl

Below are links to websites that sell ready to go Pet First Aid Kits.

Outdoor Safety

Gun Dog Supply

Pet First Aid Kit Company

CPR Savers

The Ugly Dog Company

Dog Responsibly... University of Doglando

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