Friday, August 7, 2009

Pawduct of the week

If your dog does not like it, we will give you your money back!

Here's a food no dog will turn down, and you may even develop a craving for it.... seriously.

This is REAL DOG FOOD.... it does not get more real than this. Pop open a can, and here's what you will find: Real chicken, real tiger prawns, real brown rice, real sweet potato, real soy bean, real lobster, real eggs, real everything..... not processed, dried, dehydrated, enhanced, or made to be artificially palatable.

Doglando sells the entire Tiki Dog product line. We also have sell Tiki Cat.

Guaranteed your dog will love this food.....or use it as a treat and I bet ya you could teach your dog to spin in circles begging for more within seconds.

Feed Responsibly..... University of Doglando

******** SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a case and get one free.
Offer ends next week Friday.

Free Delivery for Food Orders of $60 and up. (call 407-574-3160 for areas of delivery)

1 comment:

corby said...

Our dogs LOVE this food! Our Italian Greyhound burns calories so fast when she plays that her stomach makes firework noises and she refuses to eat. Doglando recommended that we put a teaspoon of Tiki on her dry food to entice her to eat before a long day of play. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

The food looks like 'people' food that I have to label it in our fridge - so it's not mistaken for 'leftovers'.