Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Does my dog need doggie daycare?

Who says doggie day care is just for those dogs that have way too much energy?

In today’s world of having to spend an increasing amount of time in your cubicles, work-from-home jobs, behind computers and self check out, where by human-to-human communication is slowly becoming minimal, no wonder we seek so much friendship amongst our dogs.

The sad part of it all is that as humans, as social creatures, our social interactions are lessening, as well as our patience, ability to understand, communicate and comprehend others and leading a healthy balanced lifestyle of play and work is definately not quite as balanced as we would like for it to be.
With this lifestyle, our dogs are forced to adopt our “less interactive” way of living as well, making them less social with an increase in complaints of nuisance / inappropriate behaviors.

Avoiding ailment, keeping your dogs happy, healthy and safe, means continuing to provide them with dog time, around other people, other friendly socially responsible dogs (and owners), including taking them out and about to different places. For any dog; small or big, doggie day care can be a great way to keep your dogs life well balanced. Every dog would love the opportunity of unrestrained dog-to-dog, muzzle to muzzle, heat to tail interaction.

What are the differences between doggie daycare at Doglando, and dogs parks?
1. All dogs must pass a temperament test at Doglando.
2. All rules at Doglando are consistently enforced and behaviors are maintained by all Doglando staff.
3. Dogs attending doggie daycare at Doglando attend daycare on a regular and consistent basis, giving them continuous exposure to other dogs, people, sounds and stimulus.
4. One of the biggest problems at the dog parks is that owners become preoccupied fulfilling their own ailment, and forget to pay attention to their dogs… thus allowing their dogs to get into trouble or start trouble.
5. Dogs attending dog parks have been typically crated or enclosed all day while their owners are at work and taking them to the dog park is an outlet for all their pent up energy. Without the enforcement of rules, boundaries and consistency amongst pet owners, this level of arousal ultimately results in fights.
6. Every person at the dog park has different rules of “acceptable” and “not acceptable” rules…. the recipe to disaster for any dog, and worse when there is a pack involved.
7. Dogs attending dog parks are left to be a role model for your dogs…. It is through these experiences your dog learns how to play but if he / she has poor role models to follow, this would not be considered adequate socialization.
8. Day care at Doglando is not just play and games through physical stimulation, but through mental stimulation as well. Dogs are constantly worked with in obedience and challenges, creating confident, well rounded, mindful dogs…. Not just flat out exhausted dogs.
9. Dogs attending daycare at Doglando are not exposed to random, unfamiliar dogs each visit. Once a dog is enrolled into the program, their owners commit to one day or as many as they want, are required to stick to that schedule as long as they continue to be part of the Doglando Family. This ensures stability, boosts confidence in not-so-confident dogs, and the “bully” type don’t have new strange dogs to bully… thus weakening that fixation.
10. Pet parents are assured every dog attending daycare at Doglando have completed the temperament assessment, are fully vaccinated, have no history with animal control due to inappropriate behavioral issues, and their dogs are in a safe totally fenced in environment with constant supervision.

Doglando’s doggy day care is truly a unique program. Those of you interested in having your dog attend daycare, should first and foremost inquire to tour. Many daycares do not allow for tours, which should raise a red flag for pet owners.

If you do have the opportunity to tour, be sure to take your list of questions to have answered, preferably by one of the daycare attendants, not the owner or manager or receptionist (unless of course they do it all).

Every dog needs an opportunity to be a dog, as they know how.... this is part of socialization.


Anonymous said...

Dear Doglando, can doggy daycare cure me from eating poop and tearing up a couch/carpet/wall/etc.?

Ok, so I realize you can't work miracles, but thanks for all you do for me.

Mali :)

Valerie said...

try S.E.P. by solid Gold, stands for stop eating poop. It worked for my dog.

Valerie said...

Try S.E.P. stands for stop eating poop,made by solid Gold. They did have it at bark Bakery in Dr. Phillips. I worked for my dog.

Teena Patel said...

We do carry S.E.P. and it has worked well on many dogs (as per their parents).....

My first recommendation would be to switch the dog to a diet that is satisfying to her needs, and if she is having problems with digesting a higher quality food (such as diarreah) I would try adding a probiotic to the diet to help with complete breakdown and digestion of the food.

I have also heard some people use meat tenderizer... but would recommend S.E.P. over meat tenderizer.

As for her eating up your walls, carpet and couch, lets talk more about this the next time you are in... it can all be solved.

janet said...

Doggie daycare can help meet your dog's needs for attention, activity and exercise. It's a great option for bored, lonely or high-energy dogs with busy families who work away from home all day. Daycare isn't for everybody--or every dog--but since your dog enjoys playing and socializing with other dogs it might be a great way for her to work off some excess energy.



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