Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"New" Doglando, Name Challenge

Continuing from yesterday's late entry, we have a challenge for all you pet lovers...

Coming up with a business name as cool, catchy and fun as Doglando is hard. To come up with a name that also allows for cats, makes it that much more difficult lol.

So I need your help. I would love to still be able to tie in "Doglando" to the business name for our new location if possible, but more importantly it should encompass all pets.

Put your creative cap and let's see what you all come up with.

Looking forward to it:)


Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

This is great news!! I'm so excited about it!!
I think it's imperative, actually, that the name Doglando is incorporated. If Doglando wants to exapand the brand, the brand name has to go with it. Otherwise, it's just creating a new brand with no direct connection to Doglando that people can see right away. It will strenghten the Doglando name, will create much more presence in the community and will tie both locations together. It think this is key.
It could be very confusing to have a complete separate name and then still teach people that yes, by the way, both locations are actually "one", they belong together.

So, my vote is for a name that incorporates the Doglando name, which is a great name in itself already!

- Doglando's Pet Corner
- Animalia , by Doglando (using all 3 words together)
- Doglando's Pet Cafe

Good luck and I can't wait to see it!!


Baris said...

I like Denise's idea. What were the best ideas from the last brainstorming session for the one-stop dog shop name? Maybe use some of those, in conjunction with Doglando.

1. Doglando's Avalon Pet Stop
2. Doglando's Avalon Pet Express
3. Doglando's One-Stop Pet Shop
4. Doglando's Avalon Pet Palace

The Doglando icon can be shrunk to 25% then placed in the top left corner of the sign or name banners... which should also include birds, cats, etc. to get the multi-animal approach across visually.

Nicole said...

Furr-ific Care & Spa

Doglando's Ark

All Fur Welcome

Doglando Pet-a-Care