Friday, November 13, 2009

Smart Phone apps for dogs

Here is something fun for all those whom have iPhones.

iPhone Doggy here we go:

1. Pet MD Finder: Health portal, PetMD, has a free Finder that can help you locate key pet services in your area. Whether you're in a new neighborhood, planning a vacay, or simply curious what your city has to offer, this app is essential since you can search by either zip code or current location via GPS.

2. Dog Whistle: If you are feeling adventurous (or goofy) try out Dog Whistle, a free app that claims to help you train your dog to do tricks and stop barking.

3. Off Leash: (Free) OFF LEASH is the first application that helps you find an off leash dog park near you. Use the Locate Me feature on your iPhone or enter your zip to find the fun. It can pinpoint the 5 parks closest to you. When you see a park that you want exact locations for, select it from the list and it will map the driving directions for you! While our database is not 100% complete, we welcome our growing pack of dog lovers to send us any dog parks we may have missed. We'll keep updating our database every 2-3 weeks. To send us an update, click the info button on the main page within the application.

4. Shake and Bark: (Free) Nobody deserves an iPhone app more than your dog. That’s why we’ve created Shake & Bark. All you have to do is take your dog’s picture, record their bark and enter their name. Then, shake your iPhone and listen to it bark. If your dog is the silent type, choose a prerecorded bark. You can also record a ‘talking dog’ message or assign a bark to a photo. However you use it, you’ll have as much fun with Shake & Bark as you do with your furry little friend. Shake it up.

5. Dog Town Puppy Piano: (0.99) Have you ever wanted to play Dog "Jingle Bells", well now you can! Dog Town has sampled and assigned a dog bark to a chromatic scale. Play songs for your friends using the on-screen piano keyboard. Dog town features photo quality graphics which are activated as you play the keys. You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy Dog Town. Even your own dog might agree, Dog Town is fun for all ages.

Dog Town has a 13 note chromatic scale of the dog's bark assigned to a 1 octave piano keyboard. As you play the note from your iPhone, you can make dogs sing your favorite melodies. As you play, dogs of all types jump from the fence to sing to you. Great entertainment for dogs & music lovers of all ages!

6: Find Parks: Looking for a nice place to play with Fido? Try the free Find Parks app, which will find the closet park to your location with a couple taps.

If you know of others, and would like to share them with our readers, please add them on your comments.

Dog Responsibly.

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