Thursday, December 24, 2009


By now you may be utterly confused..... so were we! Baris and Kerri (parents of Belle and Sam) without accepting a "no" officially adopted Rally last week. It is a tough decision to home a high risk dog, but again, when you have the perfect family, one that understands the risks involved and is willing to attempt working through them, and understands practicing safety as being the issue of utmost importance, it maybe worth just one more try.

I am sure this can become a major debate, and I do understand both sides of it, but I think what is most comforting to me personally is that Rally's new family understands the repercussions not just to Rally but to themselves as well, and beyond all they do practice responsible pet parenting by being cautious, realistic, and enforcing strict management rules in the home; therefore minimizing risk to others or the dog. I hope that this outcome is a lasting one. I know Baris has made it his personal mission to get Rally into Frisbee-ing, and we all hope to see him compete in the Doglympics 2010.

It is hard to turn down a dog when they are brought into us, and I don't know that we will ever be able to say "no" to them, but I sure hope people understand just how hard it is for us to take in dogs like this being that we are not a rescue group and do not have the resources necessary to have them adopted... the biggest being having access to people looking to adopt dogs.

Anyway, all in all, its a happy ending.... and Rally's dream come true for a forever home before the holidays.

--- We are by your side Baris and Kerri.

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