Thursday, December 3, 2009

Small Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness Center, UF

Ocala doctors support UF Rehabilitation efforts.

Scott Kerns, M.D., a radiologist and is wife Suzie Kerns, M.D., a pediatrician are "people" doctors whose commitment to their animals has taken them all over the country and across the state. Throughout their journey, however one UF veterinarian has consistently provided care or counsel relating to treatment of their beloved dog Zozo.

Pets that suffer from physical ailments related to orthopedic and neuralgic disease, arthritis or obesity can benefit from a variety of treatment tolls now available at the University of Florida's Small Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness Center.

The rehabilitation center launched last year with an underwater treadmill, but was only available to in-house patients of the UF VMC. Since the launch of the program, they now offer low level laser therapy, a land treadmill, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, extra corporeal shock wave therapy and stem cell therapy.

The Kernes have been tireless in their efforts to obtain the best possible care for the dog they say has "ricley blessed" them. They donated money and equipment - resources that were essential in the rehabilitation program's successful development.

Through to the end of the month, the rehab facility is accepting new patients. "Initially four to six new patients will be seen on Mondays of every week, excluding holidays," said Kristen Kirby, D.V.M., a board certified small animal surgeon at UF's rehab facility.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for you pet, call (352) 392-2235 or click here.

Quite frequently I have been asked about UF's Small Animal Hospital so I though I would include the contact information on this post.

Small Animal Hospital: 352-393-2235
Large Animal Hospital: 352-392-2229