Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tethering Dogs.... A life in Prison

To understand the definition of the term tethering used in bans and ordinance restrictions, you must watch take time to go through this presentation.

Folks, this is not going on somewhere in some third world country; as a matter of fact those dogs are living it up, with the least number of dog bites towards humans, least behavioral issues, least amount of nuisance reports..... its happening in our own back yards.

Why is Chaining Inhumane?

If you are a principle or teacher or in working in the education sector, please encourage your staff to take time to talk to their classes about proper pet care and being responsible pet parents.

I think there is a huge misconception in people, and I don't think we realize that chaining a dog, does not necessarily have anything to do with a particular breed of dogs, but that all kinds of ">dogs are victims of this.

I hear this many times, with pet owners who are desperately looking for solutions to keep their dogs from digging out, or destroying the house or yard etc. Of course, by the time I have been called in to help, the dog in some cases has resulted to aggressive tendencies build on from frustration, and every dog in my mind has lost their spirit. Even before consulting, I will ask the owners to either remain present in the yard or if they feel more comfortable they can watch from the window in the house, as I unleash the dog and let them burn off energy for a good half an hour.... more on this later.

I start every class I teach off by saying "respect the dog for being a dog, and respect the animal.... he/she is an animal."

The human-dog relationship is so fascinating to me, because there is no other animal in this world, that we can take and replace with the kinds of things that dogs are forced to tolerate from humans.... and yet they always come back, with a slight wag in their tail wanting to try just one more time.


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