Saturday, February 6, 2010

Q & A on the Bulldog breed

Did you know???

Why do bulldogs have such short noses and an under-bite?

During bull-baiting, the physical design of the bulldog’s nose and jaw helped the dog to
continue to hold the bull tightly, while still allowing the dog to breathe easily. Today's exaggerated under bites would not serve the same purpose.

Why is a bulldog heavier in the head than in the rear?
In bull-baiting, when the bull attempts to shake the bulldog off, it would be less likely that the
dog’s back would be broken. Today's bulldogs, are equally heavy on the back end, allowing for serious injuries not only to the hips & joints, but also the spine.

Why are bulldogs loose-jointed?
When the bull actually shook the bulldog off, the loose joints helped to prevent serious structural
injuries when landing on the ground. Today's bulldogs are wrinkle galore. This has caused the breed to suffer from all sorts of skin infections and diseases.

So, are we breeding for Structure, Construction and Temperament?

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks posts... next week we will talk about a similar issue and then go back to studying a different breed.

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Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

Hi! No, bulldog breeding nowadays is nothing but "for the looks" - POOR DOGS.
I think I should start a "Bulldog Paradise" and people can just give me all their bulldogs. I'll take good care of them!!

Teena Patel said...

lol........ yes you should. We will help.