Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Animal Antibiotic Abuse

Cost Vs. Health:

I know this is slightly off topic, but I think it will interest most of our readers and those of us who eat meat should definitley watch the videos below. Educate yourself to make a healthier choice for your family, and only buy meat that is Antibiotic Free.

Animal Antibiotics a Threat?

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Antibiotic-free Animals

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Once again it is fascinating to watch how one world is separated into two and compare our practices here vs those across the waters from us.

Go back and watch the two videos on mute.... what do you notice? I mean if nothing else, notice the difference in the manner in which farm animals are treated here and there.

I always try to remain objective during my comparative analysis.... but it is quite hard to do this when you realize why certain practices are practiced because of cost vs its impact on health and its impact on the welfare and wellbeing of animals.

In the first clip, listen very closely to Veterinarian Liz Wagstrom from the National Pork Board.

Like even many of the companion animal veterinarians, who's practices are based around the bottom line rather than the welfare and well being of the animal, this is just astonishing in this day and age.

It's kind of like our veterinarians... their nutrition books are written by Science Diet. All they know is what is they have been taught while in vet school, and that is all based around Science Diet. They get free food for their pets while in school, and through out their career. They get endorsed by Science Diet and ultimately is what drives their bottom line.

I wonder if the same practice goes on in farming only that their support and education is from Pharmaceutical companies. The greatest loss to raise animals anitbiotic free animals is to the Pharmaceutical companies is it not? For many business driven practice, incentives are hard to deny regardless of ethics and its harm.

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