Friday, May 7, 2010

What is Dog Training?

I strongly dislike the words Dog Training. I feel like those words put together evoke such control from superior to inferior.... I just don't like it. I begin all of my classes with my definition of training, and it is my mission to not take the dog out of the dog, while teaching the pet parents control, and for both creatures to respect one another, especially each other's needs. A need to have a safe dog, and the need to be a dog and sniff butt occasionally.

For a moment, instead of saying the words "Dog Training" use the words "Working Dog." I think Working Dog is what Dog Training should be referred to as.

Dog Training is nothing more than a Working Dog. A working dogs is a happy dog. A working dog is a dog that is mentally and physically stimulated, and reaches contentment. A working dog does not have a moment to spare to boredom....

A non-working dog does, which is why they create work called destruction. Destruction is a negative word in the human language, but it is actually quite a positive word in the Dog language. On the same note, laziness is quite often a positive word in the human language, but most definitely a negative word in dog language.

Dog training/Working Dog, gives your dog a job to do. Dogs are intelligent creatures and their minds must be stimulated with constructive things for them to do. Believe me, destruction is actually quite constructive from their point of view.

When you refer to Dog Training as Working Dog, you will realize in order to have a working dog the dog must have a team and things must be mutual and beneficial to both or all parties involved.

You will also realize, in order to have a working dog, the work/training part of it is a life long commitment and constant challenges.

In addition you will learn mutual respect, and most importantly you will recognize to practice safety and management vs using force and control.

Just a thought!

Dog Responsibly.

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