Friday, June 25, 2010

2yr Old Vizsla Needs Home

Yet another dog, being given up because his family has a new "baby" arrival.

This week we had a family come by to request boarding for their dog. In our conversation, they made mention they dog was boarding at their vets over the weekend, and that they just took him out to board him with us for the rest of the week.

Well that is strange, I thought to myself. So, I asked them indirectly "oh poor guy... he is going from boarding facility to boarding facility; that must be quite stressful?"

The husband looked at me and said, "yeah we just had a baby, and actually may not want him anymore... we may end up just giving him up."

I was so upset about this, so all politeness aside, and I said, "well why don't you just make you're mind up, so that he can move on to his forever, loving home."

So he said that actually was a great idea, and that he would board him until Friday (today) and if he and his wife decided that they just did not want him anymore, they would bring us his owner surrender letter and give him up.

Well, all that happened yesterday. I asked them what it was about him that they thought may become an issue with the baby. They said, nothing, he was perfect, a very good boy, he is just in the way!

This dog is so awesome! He is not your typical high energy Vizsla! He is two, completely house broken, loves children, very good with other dogs, obedient, walks awesome on a leash.... a perfect companion.

He is up for adoption through Doglando. If you or anyone you know would be interested in him, please call Teena at 407-832-3763.

I will not be posting his photo, as I am sure you will all jump at once:) We are going to be very strict in our selection for the right family for this guy... like we are with all our adoptions.

For all our first time readers, please note we are NOT a rescue group. We help when we can, but we are not a rescue facility.

Thanks All.

Dog Responsibly.


Baby Pants said...

What's going to happen when the baby's in the way? Are they going to give that up too?

Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

Hi Teena & all!
Wow, this bothers me a lot! I am experiencing 1st hand HOW WONDERFUL it is to have babies in the house growing up with dogs (and cats!). It is an amazing thing, and all children whose families give them this opportunity are lucky children, in my opinion. SURE it is a lot of work! But we love our pets, and they are 100% part of the family.
I hope this doggie finds a family that will love it forever, unconditionally, making it a TRUE part of their family no matter what!!!