Thursday, June 10, 2010

Play, or no play???

What is appropriate play and what is not when it comes to dogs? If you have ever seen Wyatt and Dax (my two GSD's) play, you may beg to differ and say "absolutely, that ain't play!" But, if you ask them, they are more likely to tell you "but, we were just playing!"

And in reality, what does it matter how rough it is, if both parties involved understand that it is just play. Yes, sometimes it can get out of hand, but if constantly interrupted and never give the opportunity to end it on their own, dogs are likely to turn it into more than just play when things get out of hand. When given the opportunity to practice, and stop on their own, they develop very strong communication skills between themselves, and rarely does the human ever have to be involved in simmering it.

Take a look at this photo: Yep its a Pitbul and little Yorkie.

Take a look at the intensity in this chase: Look at the Pitbul's eyes.... her name is Ivy and the Yorkie is Lilly.

Are you scared as to what happened next?

Here it is:

A typical lifestyle for kind of dogs shown in the above pictures is, for the Pitbul, on leash, pet parents nervous about what the dog may or may not do, worried public, judgemental public.... all of which would lead to an unsocialized dog.

A typical lifestyle for a yorkie would be, high up on a pedestal, called someones arms, yapping, barking, cheap shotter, very clean and well manicured dog with ribbons and bows.... all of which also leads to an unsocialized dog.

Here, both dogs engage in a fun, game of chase. And here it is, the Yorkie wins! She has no problem telling off Ivy and putting her into her place. Ivy completely respected the short pause in their play.

Prevention of play amongst small and bigger dogs leads to an unhealthy fear that will be generalized to other things as well.

Dog Responsibly.

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