Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wolf in Alaska

Today, our last day in Alaska, we got to see a wolf. Unfortunately, he was not out in the wild, but he was at the next best place for him.... he was at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Perfect timing on our part, as soon as we got their he took off for the hiding.

I think there needs to be crash course on wildlife etiquette before entering any wild life preserve, conservation, park, nature, trail..... anything where animals roam home/wild.

People are just ridiculous! They have no manners or respect for other animals. They expect to see all kinds of animals, and don't understand why their trips are so bare of game....

We were waiting for the wolf to come around a dead log fallen to the ground, and just as he poked his head around the log, a family screams to say "there he is, there he is," then starts jumping and yelling.

People have no idea how much pressure humans put on other animals, just by their presence. Nim and I stood quietly to wait for them to come out, and had we been the only ones out there, we would have waited hours....that't the beauty of WILD life.

But when the animals know your presence, they will move as far away as possible. So screaming by the fence, and yelling out loud "where are you, where are you, come out..." is not going to get one to far.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the wolf photos.

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