Thursday, July 1, 2010

Downtown Hound Classes

So what is a downtown hound class?

Doglando's B.S. in Dogology class is raising in popularity amongst pet owners and other dog trainers! For years we have offered our B.S. in dogology classes out and about meeting at different public locations to practice on real life behaviors in the real life world.

When I first started this class, several trainers thought I was out of my mind. Their concern was working dogs out in the public around strangers and possibly children wanting to come up and pet them.

I thought, well that's exactly the purpose of this class.... if they dogs don't get this experience, how are they to learn.

Well today, I was reading the whole dog journal, and there was an article in there about "Downtown hound" dog training classes.

I am glad to see it pick up amongst trainers.... as it is a structure training experience much needed for our canine citizens. More and more pet parents think about taking their dogs with them to run errands, or to join them out for dinner. But, what happens when your dog knows how to behave at home, but has no manners in the public and around high level distractions. Unfortunately, it does not just randomly occur to your dog to act on his/her best behavior so he/she can join you more often. In facts, it's just the opposite. The more you take them with you and practice their "public role" the faster they will learn just what is expected of them.

Aside from Doglando's PRE K9 training, the B.S. in Dogology is my favorite class to instruct. It is so awesome to see these dogs transform into "Canine Good Citizens" and enjoy true companionship for their family.

I believe this class builds confident dogs and more importantly confident pet parents.

Call around your local dog trainers, and see if they offer a similar class. It may be called the Downtown hound class... and enroll.

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