Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Puppy Parties at Doglando

Growing in popularity... Doglando's puppy parties are becoming a big bash for pups between the ages of 8-16 weeks of age.

:: Puppy Parties

Early socialization for your puppy is crucial to the development of a well rounded, adult dog. Socializing with other puppies before your puppy is fully vaccinated can be a challenge due to health exposure concerns but this is the time period when it matters most to their development. In a public setting, you don't always know if your puppy is being exposed to other puppies/dogs that have not been vaccinated, making them vulnerable to illnesses. We've created a safer environment! Puppy Parties at Doglando are only open to puppies who have had at least one round of vaccinations. Puppy parties are split up in one hour play dates, and all puppies are grouped by age.

In addition to socializing with other puppies of similar age but with varying personalities, your puppy will also meet a variety of new people and be exposed to numerous new objects and obstacles on Doglando's different play areas to assist in building confidence.

Each party begins with a 10 min Q & A with a dog trainer to assist with some challenging behaviors and guidance, play "Pass the Puppy" to work on handling exercises and allow the puppies to play off-leash together in a supervised environment.

Play times:
Call 407-574-3160 to Enroll

Age Groups:
8-16 weeks: Every Saturday 10:30-11:30
17-24 weeks: Call for Details

$5 a dog per visit

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