Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is the most common name for a female Boxer?

Any guesses????

At Doglando it seems to be "Laila." Could this be because Muhammad Ali's daughter's name is Laila? Maybe so!

But what is so funny is that all our Boxer's named Laila, come on Wednesdays, and their last names, start with either A, B, or C.

How funny is this? We have a Laial Alfonso, a Laila Bryant, and a Laila Crago! Wild huh!

It is hilarious, because the dogs know their names as Laila A or Laila B or Laila C, and will not just respond to Laila!

This sends us on a mission to complete the alphabet. Doglando is calling for all Boxer's by the name of Laila with last names to help us complete the alphabet.

The search is on! Log onto our FACEBOOK page, and send us your submission. I am sure there are enough Boxer Laila's around the world to complete this mission.

Here are Doglando's Laila A, B & C

Dog Responsibly.

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