Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 Dachshunds Needing Forever Homes

Yesterday, I received a frantic call from a lady who was wanting to find a home for three 6 month old female, pure breed black and tan doxies. Her story was as follows:

She has a male and female doxie at home, who mated(she has no idea how). She thought she was going to be able to sell all the puppies, but was not able to see the last three females. They are now six months old, and she was desperate to get "rid" of them.... although she dearly loved them (quite contradictory, I know).

When I spoke to her originally she told me this was an accidental breeding, but I was not 100% certain of that. I told her I would not accept the puppies without a minimal donation of $50 per dog, and that this would go toward getting them fixed and vaccinated before prior their adoption.

She was supposed to meet me at Doglando, but could not find us, so she ends up waiting for me at the Race Track right up the street from us.

I got there, and she and her husband were standing by the car with the puppies in the trunk of the car. I was really surprised to see that they appeared to be in great health, and seemed to have been take well care of... its hard not to be so judgemental in this industry.

I got everything I needed, grabbed the pups and immediately headed over to Groom Grub & Belly Rub for their first baths.

On my way there, I called on of our dear clients, who I knew was looking for a small, lap dog. Although I would normally not recommend a Doxie for a lap dog, two of these gals seemed to be really calm, very easy going and overall chill dogs. Maybe its too soon, but they are adorable.

It was love at first sight for Linda and Russ. Dare I mention Russ' heart melted.

So, a happy ending for one... now two more to go.

It was their first day at Doglando today, and I think these gals think they have hit the jackpot. They had so much fun running around, digging holes in the sand, making new friends, they may have forgotten their old life already.

If you are anyone you know is interested in meeting either one, please call Teena at 407-832-3763.

Dog Responsibly.

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