Monday, September 13, 2010

Adopt D.O.G.

Two weeks ago, a gentleman came in at Groom Grub and Belly Rub in Avalon Park asking us for help on a 8-10 week old pup. He was at the Avalon dog park with his dogs, and as he was leaving the park, he spotted this puppy all by himself abandoned in the corner.

We named him D.O.G.

D.O.G. has been with us two weeks. He is quite the bundle of joy. He appears to be a boxer mix and is just as cute as can be.

He has already attracted quite a few fans, and some that come to visit him at Groom Grub & Belly Rub on a daily basis. We need your help in trying to find him a forever home.

Please contact us if you are interested in meeting D.O.G. At the moment he spends most his days being the shop pup at Groom Grub in Avalon.

Dog Responsibly.

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