Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rescue Rewards

Welcome to the new Tuesday blog post regarding all things rescue. Janie and Jenn (moms of Doglando dogs Lexie, Shaye, Mali and Rainey) are both very active in rescue and will be writing a blog post about all things in the world of Rescue.

Rewards of a Rescue....

Almost 18 years ago a litter of feral kittens was born in a small space between my and my neighbors fence. Once the kittens were old enough to be running around, I tried and tried to catch them. They turned up in my car engine (it was January) and I had to open my hood every morning to make sure they were not in there before I started the car. One by one the kittens went missing, one was hit by a car. I finally got a humane trap in an effort to try to save the last little calico kitten. She was easily caught with some tuna for bait. I brought her into my home and set about trying to tame her. She was very nervous about being handled, but young enough that I was making good progress with her. I already had three cats and set out to find a home for her. I found a wonderful home and they took her home and called a couple weeks later and said that she would do nothing but sit under the bed. So back she came, she was there to stay and we named her Amber for her gorgeous amber eyes. She was very shy and reclusive and preferred to spend her days curled up on a cat bed in a quiet hallway of our home, and that is what she did for about 8 years. Then, for some unknown reason, she started becoming more and more social. She found she loved to be petted and brushed. She became a fixture in my kitchen - that was just her place to be. About 6 months ago Amber had a stroke, I thought that was probably the end for her, but she recovered well and though it was clear that she was very old and her life was drawing to a close, she was happy, purring and enjoying her spot in the kitchen. Then, one afternoon, she had what appeared to be another stroke and she could not get up. I knew it was time and took her to the vet to be put to sleep. I chose to be with her and look into her beautiful amber eyes, who had come to trust me so much, as she passed away. As I reflected on her life and how glad I was that she was my kitty, I truly felt rewarded by a simple rescue many years ago. ~Janie

Each week we will feature a dog in need of rescue...

This week's dog is at Orange County Animal Services - Hi, I am an approximately 6 month old black and brown female Germ Shepherd-Mix. I am friendly and I am too young to be tested for heart worms. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Tuesday, August 17, 2010.

Here is my story: Sweetest dog on the planet. Please stop in and meet her.

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