Thursday, October 7, 2010

All 3 Dachsunds In Homes

All three Dachshunds are now snoozing in the beds of their new families.

Now in search for a home for our 12 week old Boxer St.Bernard mix. Please contact Groom Grub & Belly Rub at 407-277-7387 to meet D.O.G.

D.O.G. was left abandoned at the Avalon Park Dog Park when he was approximately 6-7 weeks of age. A gentleman and his three dogs, who regular the local park happened to be leaving when the spotted D.O.G. silently resting by the corner of the entrance.
We told him we would help by fostering the dog, its been almost 5 weeks now, and we have not been successful in finding him his forever home.

D.O.G. has been vetted and is up to date on his vaccines. We can not keep him in the store for much longer, and are hoping to find a home for him soon.

If you are interested in meeting D.O.G. please contact Megan, at Groom Grub & Belly Rub.

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