Monday, October 25, 2010

Rescue Success _ Rex has been adopted

On Friday November 22, 2010, Rex and I with Kat Kennedy from Orange County Animal Services appeared on the morning news on Fox 35. I was so so proud of Rex, he showcases himself like a champ. He sat on my lap completely trusting of me, and willing while being broad casted all over Orlando.

We received our first call withing 60 seconds of the airing.... then the other and then more through out the day. Several families came by to meet Rex, and the one he went home with was a couple from Kissimmee. We were so happy with the decision, I met them when the came to pick him up.

They completely understood Rex, and believe it or not, Rex even took to them. He sat by his new dad's side as we talked and he gently petted him down his back.

Although he showed a bit of resistance, not wanting to leave Doglando, he cooperated and walked on by.

We offered this family a FREE 6 week obedience course for adopting Rex. We are scheduled to start on Saturday November 13th.

We look forward to meeting him and his new mum and dad, and until then, he will forever be in our hearts!

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Lisa_and_Bryan said...

So happy Rex has his forever home...and who could blame him for not wanting to leave Doglando! LW