Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update on Rex

It has been a little over two weeks since we have had Rex and he has melted all our hearts.

He is learning to trust us, love us and the other dogs. He wakes up everyday, bright and early and is ready to go to Doglando. By now, most of our dogs would be drop dead tired, but not Rex.

I know your first thoughts must be, WOW he must be a really hyper and energetic dog.... far from it. He's just loving life, loving freedom, loving being a dog.

He is such a well balanced dog, it is incredible. Aside from his timid nature, he exemplifies what dogs should be. He is cautious, respectful of boundaries, a quick learned, not challenging and overall such an easy dog... it will take someone special to understand the true value of these characteristics.

He follows us to the very back fields and back, and comes when we call him. He loves his massages and cuddle time sessions that were once upon a time forced upon him... now he asks for them.

Today Silvia carried him over her shoulders, as I took photos. He even licked her gently, as she gave him a bear hug. Completely relaxed and as though enjoying the moment, he lay there in her arms.

How far he has come in two weeks, but yet I am sure most will ask is he trained?

Dog Responsibly.

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Denise Zaldivar with IES said...

I was happy to have met Rex. I am so greatful that you've opened my eyes to the difference between an obedient dog and a trained dog. I told so many people about the difference. It opened my eyes. Thank you, Teena!
I wish Rex a family that will understand this big difference and cherish the balance this great dog has!