Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girls Scouts Dog Wash

This past Sunday, the Girls Scouts Troop 565 participated in their first dog wash / fundraiser to benefit Puppy BREATH (Behavior, Research, Enrichment/Education, Adoption, Training & Health) at Groom Grub and Belly Rub in Avalon Park.

In two hours, the girls thoroughly bathed, dried and pampered 18 dogs. This was the girls' first fundraiser for their Bronze Award and I must say, I was very impressed by their enthusiasm, ability to work as a team, and positive spirit till the end. Just as they were wrapping up, a patron walked by to support the wash, and although they were a little late, the girls did not hesitate to turn them down.

Great work gals. The wash took place in an attempt to help raise awareness on being a responsible pet parent, and one week after the shelter education we did the Sunday before.

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