Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rescue Tuesday, Rescued Great Pyrenees

Through Max's Fund.... we just adopted our newest rescue. He is a 2-3 year old Great Pyrenees, found as a stray, severely matted and in poor condition, awaiting his luck for a forever home.

Last week Jaine and I went to Orange County Animal Control to see who all awaited for a Christmas Gift of a Forever Home.... and there was Mondo... sitting by the kennel door whimpering to be let out.

I knew that was a "I reallllllllly need to go potty, can you please let me out" whimper, so we did. As soon as we go to the outdoor yard, he immediately went about to do his numbers and then came running to us for his "that's a good boy."

I fell in love with him! Typical of the breed, this great, noble, most loving, gentle, calm, respectful, balanced demeanor, I did my temperament assessment and knew I had to leave with him.

We inquired about his story.... Mondo came in as a stray, he had been there over 7 days and by golly we were so surprised that he did not have an adoption application on him in that time.

So of course, we applied, and then waited till Saturday to pick him up. He needed to be neutered, vaccinated and tested for heart worms before he was released. I got the call on Saturday, he was all ready to go, and poor Mondo... his heart worm test came back positive.

Jaine felt it was not big deal at all.... with her experience in rescue, most dogs are treated with a monthly dose of heart guard and over the course of a year or so, when re-tested they are cured. We wanted to be sure this was the best form of treatment for him, so we scheduled him for a vet appointment and were reassured this was the way to go. Otherwise in overall very good health, we are now taking accepting adoption inquiries for Mondo.

The family of my first choice would be one that will allow him to become a Therapy Dog to either patients in Hospice or children suffering from Cancer.

I envision Mondo visiting the children at Arnold Palmer or St. Jude's or any other hospital that treats children with Cancer... and with every child he visits, they would get a photo of him and the child. If we found a family who would dedicate this time for Mondo and the children patients, Doglando will donate a portable printer to this family to capture the smiles that happen in a flash and turn them into memories that will last a lifetime.

Mondo is such a great dog, and has the greatest of temperaments. He loves people, children, dogs, and most of all life. I have only had him since Saturday and he is already quite familiar with his new name Mondo, follows me around like I'm mom, I can walk him completely off leash and he responds to being recalled. What more can you ask for in a canine companion.

Please call Doglando to arrange to meet with Mondo. He will be spending most of his days at Groom Grub & Belly Rub as our greeter, but can arrange for him to be brought to Doglando for his meet and greets.

Doglando: 407-574-3160


skmccall said...

He sounds like a wonderful companion and a great addition to anyone's family....

Kerri said...

Mondo is beautiful. My dear friends back home lost their Great Pyrenees a few years ago to cancer. She was a gentle giant. This breed is fantastic and I hope he finds a home soon!