Monday, January 24, 2011

Nosi - Don't Be Fearful

Don’t be fearful by Jessica

Nosi, has the temperament of a courageous pup. She, with all of her limitations, feels as though she has none. She is cautious, but not fearful, and willing to explore her world to the max. Maybe it is because she cannot see, nor hear, that gives her a drive to keep wandering, maybe it is because she is a little puppy monster who takes advantage of the fact that she does have a life, no matter how limited we see it to be. She climbs on couches, end tables, and flights of stairs, things that some same aged puppies with all sense capabilities refuse to do.

There are so many instances in which she could let fear inhibit her idea of the world, she bumps into walls all the time, she can’t always find those in whom she loves, but yet, she still moves on. At times, it becomes too much for her, the constant searching, and so she stops, she pauses, collects herself, and then starts looking for whatever it is that she is looking for again.

How many of us can say we can do that? That we have such abilities to be so very cautious, and yet not one bit fearful? How many of us can say that when we get stressed, we can stop and collect ourselves and begin again, the real question is… How many of us can say that we would begin again, instead of give up?

So there are two lessons here, don’t fear the world, it is a playground for one to explore… and never, never, never give up.

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Wolfess said...

Wow, how amazing she is and how amazing her story was put into words. I re-read that several times and it touched me to tears each time. I think it is wonderful she is with people who are doing everything to get her a family, and I pray a family comes in her life soon.