Monday, January 17, 2011

Watch Your Mouth

Every Monday, from today onwards... until Nosi finds her forever home, Jessica (Foster mum to Nosi) will be writing a post on all that she has learned and experienced with Nosi. Some of these are lessons Nosi has learned, while others are lessons Jessica has learned... that are life lessons we would all benefit from.

Life Lessons From Nosi

#1 Watch your mouth.

Nosi came to Doglando 3 weeks ago, and after a few days with Teena, she arrived at my house raring to go in typical Catahoula puppy fashion, regardless of the fact that she is blind and deaf.
She bit me, in that usual puppy way, the first day I met her, and all I could do is say, “Oh little one, you are going to be a spit fire aren’t you?” This would be the beginning of a lesson, I didn’t know she would have learned so fast, and that I didn’t know would apply to life in general. .. Watch your mouth.
She came in, undoubtedly, unaware of appropriate behavior, being possessive, biting things she should not (Yes, Nosi, that IS my hand! Nosi! You are hanging off of Maya’s face- NOT APPROPRIATE!) but by the end of day two or three, she had learn the lesson, some of us still don’t know… to watch her mouth, especially around those you love.
She now, no longer bites my hand, doesn’t act possessive, and her mouth on mouth interaction with Maya is of such control, unlike the little furious alligator snaps she came in with. She has learned the difference between family, and strangers, and how to only act defensively when she is feeling threatened.

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