Monday, February 14, 2011

Did you know this about Terriers?

A very commonly asked about behavioral concern that most pet owners find so aggravating is: Digging!

Did you know Terriers are bred to dig? This means, this SKILL was highly sought upon and purposeful once upon a time, that it was bred and ingrained into breeds belonging to the Terrier Group.

And, although today we may not care much for their digging, but would still like to own then because they are appealing in other ways, its like the saying goes "it comes with the territory."

Any behavior that is so hard wired into the mind of that animal, is a hard problem if you wanted to change it. In fact, have a better chance to minimizing the behavior in anpproprite settings, if the animal is given a place to exhibit its appropriate behavior.

A Terrier that does not dig or love to kill, is not a Terrier at heart. In fact, the real problem with a terrier would be a terrier that does not dig, or engage in chase or demonstrate a predatory drive.

Get to know your dog's breed and purpose, it will allow you to have a better understanding of your dog's needs and intentions, and in turn it will foster a more loving relationship between you two.

Dog Responsibly.

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Michele said...

So very true. Would be wonderful if people would actually research a breed before making a decision. Seems people pick a specific dog and then aren't prepared for the traits that their new family member has INGRAINED, or are not prepared for the energy level. I really wish people would "dog responsibly".