Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dog Meets World

One of my passions is to document the human-dog relationship around the world while comparing dogs from the third world, to those that we have live with as companions in the western world. I use this to document the major differences in our societies and the issues we have caused in temperament and over breeding for the wrong reasons in dogs in the western societies.

While traveling around the world doing this, I have taken photos of locals with dogs (most strays) and used this to document the human-dog relationships that I want to research.

During my last two trips (one to India, and one to Kenya.. my home Country), I took a photo of village kids playing with puppies. The kids did not understand what I was doing, but were fascinated to see themselves on my LCD screen of my digital camera. This happened to me again while in India, giving out teddy bears to children and the families of these kids would often ask me to have the photos... but I had no way of printing it out for them.

Again, while I was in Kenya, I took a photo of a Mama Boga (the women who delivery fresh veggies home to home)... and it meant so much to me that she allowed me to take this photo of her. I was so excited to bring this photo back to my friends and family to show them, this is still how they buy their veggies in Kenya (we moved to FL 16 years ago).... I hit playback to look at the photo, and she asked if she could see it as well.... so of course I shared it with her. I said out loud "don't you look so beautiful!" She just stood there and looked at me. Then she asked if she could have it.... and I felt horrible. This photo meant so much more to her than it did me, I had not even a clue! I felt so bad for even taking it, its not a photo I would cherish.... like in the way she would cherish forever. At that time I remember thinking, next time I would go to a third world county, I would buy a panoramic camera to give all these people a photo of themselves..... so I started google-ing.... I came across Dog Meets World.

Carolyn, the founder of Dog Meets World, started this non-profit photo sharing organization after having gone through similar experiences while on her vacations.

I contacted her, and she sent me FIDO, the dog they use for their Dog Meets World Project, and I can't wait to take it with me on my next vacation.

In the meantime, I would urge everyone to check out their website, and purchase a FODO for yourself. Be part of this wonderful experience.... it is the most meaningful gift to many whom have never had a photo taken of themselves.

For our Doglando Family, if you are planning a trip any time soon, you can borrow our FODO. All you will need is a portable printer and you are all set!

We would love to hear from you if you do take part of this joyous experience, also FB Dog Meets World and share your photos with them.

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Abhijit said...


U cannot talk abt some cool photographs in ur post, and then not include any of them - helloo.....

Interesting perspective on the human-canine relationship esp in the third world! I think such images in themselves talk a lot..

do add on those photographs if u can :)