Friday, February 18, 2011

Kenya Webcam

Today a friend of Doglando's (Barbara with the Mid Florida Sheltie Rescue) informed me of the COOLEST, MOST INTELLIGENT and HUMANE concepts ever... check it out... a web cam placed in different parts of Kenya's game parks.

This is exactly what education should be about... not Sea world, Animal Kingdom or Bush Gardens... how clever is this concept.

I am so excited about this and hope many people take advantage of this. I feel that many will not have the patience to observe how "slow" the natural world is, and realistically how you could be on a safari for hours, sometimes days before you see a lion.... unlike what the theme parks portray.

I think there should be a website that offers "FREE" viewings of web cams set up in all vastness of the world... what a cool way to watch animals in action and the natural way they behave. It would also be awesome to set up webcams in small communities and villages of third world countries....This would be such a great way for us to learn the world we live in.

This is just incredible! I can see myself staying up all night watching these cameras, reminiscing about my child hoods days while growing up in Kenya.

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