Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Poop Detective


We all love our pets. We also care about our environment and would do anything possible to keep our communities green and clean! With dog ownership rapidly increasing in the U.S., waste is really starting to “pile up” in communities like yours across the nation. We have the solution to your pet pollution, and we want you to get started today!

Each property will have their own reference database to include all community dogs

To build your database, a DNA profile is created for each dog using a cheek swab collection kit

Samples are mailed to BioPet’s lab. DNA from cheek swabs are analyzed to create a unique genetic profile for each dog

Each genetic profile is uploaded to your property’s private and secure database provided through the DNA World Pet Registry

Once all genetic profiles are complete, PooPrints is fully enforceable by means of simple comparison

When dogs in your community relieve themselves, some of their epithelial cells (like skin cells) will naturally come along for the ride! We use the DNA code locked inside those cells to match the mess. Getting those cells from the ground to the lab is a quick, clean, and easy process:

Using the PooPrints Sample Collection Kit, collect a marble-sized amount of the dog dropping

Transfer the collected sample to the PooPrints Collection Solution Container and shake well

Return the mixture in its leak-proof container to BioPet Vet Lab for analysis

A unique genetic profile is obtained from the DNA found in the poo sample

BioPet Vet Lab will send you an email with the Pet ID number of the dog that matches the PooPrints poo sample

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