Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Culture Clash

What are you? No.... What are you?

I was on a phone consult with two trainers a few days ago.... they had called to learn more about the Doglando Philosophy and how it is so different from any other dog training method out there.

My answer was quite simple, its actually not. Its not at all different from many cultures and the way they communicate with dogs, and how dogs communicate with other dogs, the only unique difference is in our attitudes towards dogs here vs anywhere else.

They both said, "well what do you mean..." I replied back "here, our attitude towards togs is that we need to control them, elsewhere, especially in countries where dogs still roam free and act as scavengers, the attitude is we must co-exist with them."

To be able to co-exist does not require change or authority, but more so understanding & respect and it must be mutually beneficial for both. That was the start of one great conversation, and it dawned on me that I should probably share this thought with others that may not ever get to experience or learn of the Doglando Difference!

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