Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Philanthropic Kids Club

The University of Doglando wants to create an opportunity for your child to continue to grow, to be enriched and most of all share their compassion for making a difference with other youths in our community.

We will be starting a Philanthropic Kid Club (official name to be determined by participating youths), in which the club's focus will be to teach our children how to make a positive impact on the community they live in and the world we are surrounded by. We will show them how to help others, and give back, not just during the course of a summer camp program, but to lead a lifestyle in which they care in a small way, every day... and feel great about their contributions!

As parents we have the greatest effect over our children on whether our kids will grow up helping other people, caring about other people, if they will give to others more in need, or even animals in danger, abused, neglected or mistreated. Success in life, is not just about a steady career, but equally importantly a steady role within the community in which one lives in, through service.

The most important thing about charity, is not because its something that we should do, but something we want to do, something we want to do from our heart, something that we want to do always and forever, but not as a result of how much we have in comparison. Kids that are taught to be kind, through random acts of kindness, will be happier kids. Their outlook on life and obstacles will unlikely be looked upon as negative and setbacks, but more like stepping stones, and life's valuable learning lessons. They will embrace these moments as opposed to reject them, they will speak out loud and voice their concerns as opposed to suppress them because no one else cares or is listening. They will wake up each day, feeling like they have a purpose in life rather than hope one day they hear a whisper in their ear telling them of what their future awaits.

This is what Doglando's Philanthropic Kids Club is all about. Through these random acts of kindness, we want to help you raise your children into being compassionate, considerate, caring, connected, and most of all altruistic citizen's of our society. These experiences will be shared amongst a community of kids that are like minded and together they will conquer life!

Only Camp Doglando graduates can be elected to sit on the board for the Philanthropic Kids Club. Any youth between the ages of 9-15 will be allowed to serve as a member. The club will hold bi-monthly meetings, and will follow the same requirements of any legitimate organization.

Each month, the club members will vote on different projects, not limited to the welfare of dogs. Such projects can be: Feeding the homeless for Thanks Giving, planning and coordinating a Gift Wrapping Fundraiser for the upcoming holidays, going to the shelter to bathe all the shelter dogs so that they are feeling better and more presentable for adoptions, partnering up with Knitting clubs to hold fundraisers for wool to make caps, hand mittens and socks for newborns in third world countries... to being involved in helping international NGO's in various charities and programs.

The club will fall under our newly regsiterd 501 3C, namely the Doglando Foundation, and will be overseen by the adult Club also called the Doglando Foundation (for now).

We would like to get started right away, and would like for you to join us at the University of Doglando on Sunday September 25th at 2pm for a more formal introduction to Club Philanthropic Kids (FREE). Please invite all your kids friends and their families to join us... together we can make a difference.

Following our short introduction of the club, the Doglando Foundation will be hosting an Authentic Indian Dinner Fundraiser. Tickets are $25 per adult, kids eat free!

We would love for you to join us, and hope this is something your child embraces... as soon as we have the board elected, name voted on, and at least 15 club members, we will start planning our first event: Feeding the homeless for Thanksgiving, and our first fundraiser: a Gift Wrapping Table and at Groom Grub and Belly Rub for the holidays.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you will support your kids in joining Doglando's Philanthropic Kids Club.

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