Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Country Raised Dogs

It is such a privilege to be able to spend a week out here, in the Country of Virginia, with my two friends Melissa and her husband Tom. We have spoken about doing this trip for 7 years now, and a couple of weeks ago, I thought... heck, I am going this fall! Too bad, Nim could not join me on this, he is taking care of the businesses!

Yesterday evening, Melissa and I, with her three dogs went on a 2 mile walk around her "neighborhood." Now, its no true neighbourhood in the way you might visualize it, all around is is farm land and hills, and the river, and only a one lane concrete fines road.

As we walked around the "loop" we encountered almost every neighbors dogs. None tethered or confined to a dog house or enclosed in by a fence. The dogs would run to the property line as we approached them, and just as we got close enough they came to visit. The dogs greeted and played, and as we walked on by, our dogs followed, leaving the other dog watching us leave in the distance. There are no such things as electric fences, or even training, its just a lifestyle the dogs adjust to.... live and learn concept.

Here is Quick, down in the river, fetching a stick:

We encountered this pup.... about 10-12 weeks of age. He is already learning his limitations, and has no reason to leave his house... that's where he gets fed. But, what is different about this picture, is that the dogs are raised off leash, they wonder, roam, play and live life out doors, and come inside in the evening as it starts cooling down. They know the hand that feeds them.

As we left the puppy, I turned to check if he was following, and sure enough he was... my friend Melissa, shuffled her feet towards him, shewing him off, saying "go home...." and off he trotted back to his house!

This is the canine companionship lifestyle that is lost in translation, from Country to Urban. Our leash laws and fencing have created issues that will never be able to catch up to, and we may be in for a future without dogs as companions.


On a happier note, one my first day of my fall trip:

We saw to sets of double rainbows

We saw the Auora Borealis

I had home made wine that a neighbor friend made.... a process that takes one year, and it is the most delicious wine I have ever had!

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