Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A dog for every homeless person

I would love to start a program one day, that allowed every homeless person to have a dog, and I would pay for their food and medical care should they need it.

We would have no more shelters, better behaved dogs, and dogs back on the streets, free to roam and live life as it was intended for them... as scavengers.

Don't shoot me for thinking this way!


Minor-Gross said...

I agree!

Minor-Gross said...

I agree! I always give to the homeless in my area that have dogs.

Kathleen said...

I second the motion. And I know you'll like this.

Karen said...

I've noticed a homeless man in my area with a dog and I thought about approaching him to see if he had enough for for his dog. Maybe I will next time I see him. Too bad we can't get some Veternairians on the bandwagon and provide free medical care for the homeless person's dog.