Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wyatt, my Therapy Dog

Wyatt, one of my GSD's is an incredible dog. He has always been a very sharp, intuitive, non-invasive, personable, respectful dog... one that is admired by anyone who comes in contact with him whether it be a child or adult.

In the past, I have used Wyatt as a therapy dog for children with Autism. We used to host a monthly event at Doglando, that allowed families of children with Autism to come and play on our dog filled campus... Wyatt was the one we used as an ice-breaker for all the kids, especially those very afraid of dogs.

He has been invited as a special guest to many schools, as well as events for Children with Autism.

I thought I would try him with adults... so we went through our testing to become a Therapy Dog Team at MD Anderson, downtown Orlando. Yesterday, was Wyatt's first visit at the hospital.

We encountered many many patients, some waiting for treatment, others while in treatment. We even visited with the families of the patients.... and he brought smiles to each person he met.

What was most remarkable about this experience, was that people recognized Wyatt's energy... its not something that can be described in words I don't think, but their sighs... it was incredible.

After our visit, we met with the head of the Therapy Dog department, and she asked me how I felt about Wyatt visiting with the inpatients... patients just coming out of surgery. She said out of the 15 dog teams they have, they haven't had one they would feel would do well in that element, even the greatest one of them all... but there was something about Wyatt she said, that is so relaxing, they want him to visit there.

In a few weeks, we will give it a shot. If Wyatt enjoys it we will continue... and I will have lots of stories to share.

We wish well and pray for every patient and family member in any hospital around the world!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Teena, you are such an inspiration as a human being!!