Monday, November 7, 2011

Can your dog shut a cabinet door within 15 tries?

There are many ways in teaching a dog to shut a door.... try this one and see if you can have your dog pushing it within 15 tries!

1. Dab a little peanut butter or something your dog really really likes on the outside of a kitchen cabinet door.
2. Keep the cabinet door open, and draw your dog's attention to the smell of the peanut butter, but cover the dab with your palm.
3. As soon as your dog touches the back of your hand, uncover the peanut butter to let your dog lick it. If the door is still open, it will shut as the dog is licking at it.
4. Back your dog off the door, and repeat step two. As you do this, only move your hand off the dab when your dog has pushed hard enough to get the door moving, then repeat step three.
5. Do this again, but this time only move your hand off the dab, once the door shuts completely. Then let the dog lick the dab as a reward.
6. Do this until all the peanut butter is off the door. Then transition to the point where you can point to the door, and your dog nudges it shut. Then reward the dog with a treat once the cabinet door smacks shut.

Video tape this and share it with us. If your dog does this in less than 15 tries, you win a free day of daycare at Doglando!

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